Debt Consolidation ServicesConsolidate your loans into one for easier repayment and get lower interest rates with our debt consolidation services.

Get Loans Under Control With Debt Conslidation

Having trouble dealing with multiple repayments? Get it under control with our debt consolidation services. Multiple loans and their repayment can be a real nuisance and needs to be dealt at the earliest. With our debt consolidation services, bring all your loans under one easy to manage repayment plan with lower interest rates than the ones you were paying for them individually. With the multiple loan situation under control, you can plan your financial investments in a more organized manner.

Flexible Repayments With Debt Consolidation

By bringing multiple loans and credit card payments under a single loan plan, repayment becomes way easier than before! What’s more? You get a number of added perks like lower interest rates, payment scheduling facility and extra repayments to help pay off your loan faster.

Lowest Loan Interest Rates

Smooth Processing of Loans

Free of Cost Mortgage Services

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Features Of Our Mortgage ServicesOur mortgage services are designed to help you assess your current financial situation, determine the right loan strategies and avail the funds required to achieve your financial goals.

Detailed Consultation

We offer free consultations with mortgage brokers so that you choose the right loan product based on your financial requirements.

Future-Proof Loan Strategies

The loan strategies that we structure for our clients are based on careful assessment of your current financial situations and are completely future proof.

Free of Charge Services

Our services are completely free of cost and are paid by banks. This is a win-win situation for our clients as they can avail expert mortgage advice at no cost at all!

Every Step Made Simpler For You

We are with you at each step and help you to bring multiple loans under one easy to manage loan plan. Follow our 5 easy steps for easier debt consolidation:


Assess your multiple loans and credits

Apply for debt consolidation
Once approved, get multiple loans and credits organized into one at lower interest rates
Closing of old nominated accounts and credits

Benefit from an easy to manage repayment plan structured for you

Mortgage Services We OffersAt Ozweb Finance, we offer mortgage services tailored to your needs and aimed at fulfilling your financial goals.